Keeping the Workplace Peace: How to Deal With Employee Turnover by Handling Conflict

Part of building a successful company is creating a peaceful, collaborative, and supportive work environment for your team. But no matter how great your work environment (or your team members), at some point, conflict is inevitable. You can’t avoid workplace conflict entirely. But it’s how you handle that conflict—both as a leader and as an organization—that matters.

Motivational Words and Quotes

When you try to communicate your skills to get a job, use powerful words. Describe your passion using words that stand out. Show how much you want the job and impress with your enriched vocabulary. Below are some motivational words and quotes to use in your personal statement, resume, and job interview.

Recruiting Generation Z

Every generation to enter the workforce has influenced recruiting strategy, and Gen Z is no different. What’s the new competitive edge with these diverse, tech-savvy candidates entering the workforce? Recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing involves developing and communicating a value proposition to candidates much like marketers do with consumers. It’s a 30-year-old concept whose time has come.…

The role of AI in the hiring process

Like many psychologists, I am highly dubious of the role that AI plays in processes that require discretion, creativity, and judgment. This is especially true in critical areas of life and business, like hiring. Both the livelihood of an individual and the success of a company depend upon making good decisions.

The 10 best applicant tracking systems

There are many great Applicant Tracking Systems out there, but these ten platforms got the top ratings based on our experience and other recruiter reviews. The use of applicant tracking systems is higher than ever. According to research from Jobscan, 98% of Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS), to filter resumes through before a hiring manager does their review.